Man Survives Train Collision

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 27th Jul, 2010

Erding. A 29 year old man from Erding walked under the closed barriers at  S-Bahnhof Aufhausen - directly infront of an S-Bahn.

According to the police, the 29 year old man wanted to cross the railway line to reach the platform in the direction of Markt Schaben/Munich but because he was late, he walked under the barriers. The railcar, driven by a 41 year old from Schwindegg, hit him on the left side. The pedestrian was lucky that he was not thrown under the train.

Dizzy, with a bump and a few scratches, he lay next to the rail line. The train drove halfway into the stop at Aufhausen. At around 11 PM a rescue team from the Red Cross and auxillery fire brigade from Altenerding arrived. Later two emergency Bahn managers arrived, as well as members of the Malteser crisis intervention team.

They were suprised when they saw a nearly intact victim. The 29 year old was treated in one of the rescue vans, but left by himself afterwards, in accordance with his own wishes and refused a hospital visit. He inisted to continue on his journey with the halted S-Bahn. The Bahn opened the route about an hour later after the accident - with the young man on board.

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