Lufthansa Flight Attendants to Get Higher Pay Through Collective Bargaining Agreement

Thu 11th Apr, 2024

Image by Walz from PixabayIn a recent development, Lufthansa and the UFO union have reached a mutually beneficial agreement, heralding higher wages for the airline's approximately 19,000 flight attendants. As per the announcement made by UFO on Thursday, employees are slated to receive a cumulative increase of 16.5 percent in their collectively agreed salaries over three stages, retroactively from January 1st. The duration of this agreement spans 36 months, extending until the culmination of 2026. Factoring in the interest rate effect, this increment amounts to 17.4 percent. Furthermore, employees will be entitled to an inflation compensation bonus of 3,000 euros along with enhancements in various allowances. This resolution signifies a significant stride in the realm of collective bargaining, aiming to address the financial well-being of Lufthansa's flight attendants.

The negotiation process, however, was not devoid of challenges. UFO had initially tabled a demand for a 15 percent increase over an 18-month period, in addition to a flat rate and augmented allowances. Subsequent to unsuccessful negotiations, employees resorted to work stoppage on March 12th to underscore their demands, thereby leading to substantial flight cancellations. Harry Jaeger, UFO negotiator, elucidated that resorting to industrial action was imperative to underscore the gravity of their demands. "We can now be very satisfied with the result," he added, highlighting the culmination of arduous negotiations culminating in a favorable outcome.

While there are currently two concurrent rounds of collective bargaining underway for Lufthansa's cabin employees in Germany, UFO remains optimistic about reaching an agreement. The flight attendants of Lufthansa's regional subsidiary, Lufthansa Cityline, are poised to receive a comparable compensation package to their counterparts from the parent brand. Additionally, negotiations are underway for the first-ever collective agreement with Lufthansa's subsidiary, Discover Airlines. Sara Grubisic, UFO tariff director, expressed confidence in reaching a tariff agreement with Discover on pertinent issues in the near future.

Furthermore, UFO advocates for a dialogue with employers regarding specialized regulations for short-term additional assignments during the summer season, necessitated by the ongoing staff shortage. However, Jaeger clarified that such discussions do not entail any industrial disputes. This proactive approach underscores the commitment of both parties to address pertinent issues and foster a conducive working environment.

In summary, the collective bargaining agreement between Lufthansa and the UFO union signifies a landmark development in ensuring equitable compensation and working conditions for the airline's flight attendants. Despite initial hurdles, the resolution underscores the efficacy of dialogue and negotiation in addressing the concerns of employees and fostering harmonious labor relations.

Image by Walz from Pixabay


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