Louis Vuitton Maison Opens

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sun 19th May, 2013

On Tuesday evening, Louis Vuitton Maison in Munich opened its doors to the finest Munich clientele and celebrities. It is the first Maison store in Germany and also one of the largest, at 1300m2.

The new three story shopping paradise has been under construction in one of Munich's renowned buildings, the old Post Office at the beginning of the Maximilianstrasse. The entrance of the store is facing the famed Residenzstrasse, with a massive 2 story façade and windows. The bright lights from the store light up the street all through the night.

The opening was a packed and star-studded event. Famous actress Uma Thurman, frequent face of Louis Vuitton, was present alongside the Vuitton boss, Michael Burke. Also in attendance were Olivia Palerma and Johannes Huebl, a German model and his girlfriend. There was no shortage of German stars either, as well as the rich and frequent LV shoppers.

The party in the Opera Hall as well as the cocktail reception in the Maison both boasted performances by Marina and the Diamonds as well as DJane Palina Rojinski

The store opened its doors to the rest of Munich on Thursday.

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