Isarinselfest approved by authorities

IsarinselDespite doubts on possible harm to the biotope area of Isarauen, the city council approved the celebration of Volksfest on the Isar island.

Isarinselfest will take place from Friday, the 3d of September till Sunday, 5th September between Ludwigsbruecke and Maximiliansbruecke. Steinsdorfstrasse will be closed for traffic during the Volksfest.

Because the the river Isar and habitat areas are affected this decision was not easy for the city council. The lower nature conservation authority in the Planning Department also had its concerns. The Isarinsel area would stay under biotope protection and should not become "an event mile".

Residents have been warned to be prepared that they may not have access to their garages, so their travel arrangements may have to be changed during this period.

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