German airport strike causes flight cancellations

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At Munich Airport itself, there were initially no protests by staff, a spokesman said in response to a query. "Munich has not been affected by the warning strikes so far today."

However, passenger screening at Munich Airport would not be affected by possible warning strikes anyway. According to the airport company, this is not the responsibility of the airport security staff, but of the Munich Security Company (SGM), an independent company with a separate collective agreement that acts on behalf of the government of Upper Bavaria.

Strikes by airport security staff across Germany

The trade union Verdi had called on security staff in passenger control at several airports for a day-long warning strike on Monday. The union expects about 1,350 employees nationwide to take part in the warning strike.

Passengers at the affected airports must expect considerable delays unless flights are canceled altogether. The German Airports Association (ADV) expected a high double-digit number of canceled flights nationwide.

The warning strikes are part of the wage dispute between Verdi and the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies (BDLS). The union is negotiating a new collective agreement with the employers' association for around 25,000 security staff nationwide. Three rounds of negotiations have so far failed to produce a result. Both sides plan to meet in Berlin on March 16 and 17 for further negotiations.

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