Expensive Rent for Munich Students

Munich. Munich is the most expensive university city in Germany - at least for the rent prices for student flats. People sharing flats can save a lot of money.

This was discovered when the Internet house exchange "Immowelt" searched through their offers. On average, a single flat costs 14.20 per square metre, per month in Munich.

A close second is Frankfurt am Main with 12.50. In Erlangen, the second biggest university city in Bavaria, it costs 11 Euro per square meter. The cheapest university city is Leipzig with 5.80 Euro.

The data also shows that if you move into a shared flat, you can save a lot of money, in Munich, as much as a 14 percent saving, because a shared flat costs 12.10 Euro per square meter. The price in Erlangen goes to to 7.90 Euro, which is 29 percent cheaper.

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