Drunk Woman Nearly Freezes to Death

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 16th Feb, 2010

A suspected inebriated woman phoned the fire department just before 7pm on Sunday evening to request assistance, because she was lost and feared she would die if not rescued.

The only facts she could give to help the fire service to locate her were that she was somewhere near an S-Bahn in West Munich and was sheltering outside a church.  Her disorientation was such that she was unable to make her way back to the S-Bahn.

An ambulance was sent out but could not locate the woman, so the police were called in.  Despite an extensive search involving a helicopter and thermal imaging, she could still not be found.  Eventually the police were able to triangulate her position from the last phone call she made to the fire service.  By this stage her battery had died, but with the description she gave of the S-Bahn and church, along with the triangulation data, they were able to find her at around 8:30pm.

She was lying unconscious in front of the church and suffering from hypothermia.  It is unclear exactly how the woman came to be so disorientated.

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