Dead person found in cave near Isar

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Harlaching. A dead man has been discovered in a cave on the banks of the river Isar. It has not yet been established when the homeless person died, however authorities do know that he was from Munich

On the east side of the river in Harlaching a dead man was found in an inconspicuous location, on a steep bank in a 4 x 3 x 1.5 m cave. Due to the downhill slope, the cave is difficult to access and not visible from the Isar path, says the police.

A geologist found the corpse in the cave, as he was examining the soil and rock layers of the hillside at the Isar. He initially discovered the cave, however after exploring inside he found the body and called the police.
The officials found the heavily decayed body as well as clothes and apparatus of daily life, which would indicate, that the individual was living in the cave for some time.

The autopsy report which was carried out on thursday, revealed that it was most likely hypothermia that killed the 46 year old man, the possibility of murder has been ruled out. The time of death remains undetermined. A newspaper discovered with the corpse with the date the 4th of december 2009 could help to establish exactly when the man died.

The idendity of the man has been resolved, according to the police; the homeless man came from Munich, and had not been in contact with his family for many years. His family has now been informed of the passing.

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