Cycling accidents force Munich police to lay down the law

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The sweltering heat has contributed to a flood of eager cyclists on Munich's bike paths. With so many people out on two wheels, some seem to have forgotten their manners and proper conduct as part of the traffic system.

Six deaths by cycling have been reported in the last few weeks, which is more than past annual reports of similar accidents. One of the more shocking incidents: a 57-year-old woman had a fatal collision last Thursday when a lorry hit her while she was on her way home. Though this is an extreme case, smaller accidents can still result in dangerous injuries. Just on Wednesday, two men bumped heads, which resulted in a fractured leg, head trauma and internal bleeding.

In attempts to reduce the amount of people putting themselves and others at risk, the Munich Police force is cracking down on bicyclists. Improper cycling will be heavily reprimanded by increased numbers of on-duty traffic controllers who are in place to inform citizens of their wrongdoings and their hazardous behaviour. Similar rules apply to cycling as they do in a car, such as no crossing at red lights, watching out for pedestrians, cars, and animals, and no using mobile phones! Violators are subject to a fine and could face losing their drivers license (even on a bike!).

While a bicycle is a great way to get around Munich, it is important to respect all other vehicles, as well as pedestrians, in an effort to make the streets safe for everyone.

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2018-09-13 19:10:40

Seriously? People putting themselves at risk? This "article" is written by someone who has absolutely no idea what riding a bike in a city is like on a regular basis. Improper cycling? What about improper parking and driving?

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