Consumer centers call for 29-euro ticket for local transport

Wed 22nd Jun, 2022

Image by Alan KrausThe consumer centers are also calling for a connection offer for the 9-euro tickets on local public transport throughout Germany as relief from rising prices. The head of the national association (vzbv), Jutta Gurkmann, told the German Press Agency that an easy-to-book ticket for all buses and trains on local transport should be offered for a monthly price of 29 euros, or around one euro a day. "That would relieve everyone in the price crisis, but especially households with little money, and also give more impetus to the necessary transport turnaround."

The 9-euro tickets are valid in June, July and August and allow as many journeys as desired on local and regional buses and trains throughout Germany for one month in each case - much cheaper than normal monthly tickets, which are also only valid within the network area. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) and Deutsche Bahn CEO Richard Lutz plan to comment on Wednesday on the future of the railroads and on better organization of construction sites for fewer train delays.

The consumer centers demand that the federal government take up a further development of the successful 9-Euro-Ticket for a necessary further relief package. A rethink is necessary in view of further rising energy prices for gas supplies.

For example, he said, the coalition must link financial assistance such as the heating allowance for housing benefit recipients to the actual price trend. "It needs a dynamic model with a link to price reality," Gurkmann said. "If, for example, the additional cost of gas prices were to double again, the federal government would also have to raise the heating allowance and other transfer payments accordingly." He added that many people already have their backs to the wall financially - especially people with low incomes, pensioners and, increasingly, people with middle incomes.

Moreover, the German government should not treat companies and consumers unequally. It is not acceptable that politicians want to encourage companies to save energy with incentives, while private households can be prescribed lower heating temperatures. Measures would have to apply equally to everyone. "Otherwise, this has a serious impact on the acceptance of the measures."

Image by Alan Kraus


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