99 Year-old Lady Rumbles Thief

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 10th Feb, 2010

A young man tricked his way into the flat of an elderly woman, pretending to be a city utilities worker. He showed a card identifying himself as an employee of municipal utilities, claiming a burst water main was the reason for his visit and he needed to quickly check the plumbing in the apartment.

Charlotte H. suspected there was something wrong when she saw him behaving suspiciously. After finishing his work in the bathroom the thief requested that the lady should pay him 22.50 Eur. At that moment it became clear to her that she was dealing with a conman.

Apparently, being an avid fan of crime movies, she guessed that the man needed to find out where her money was kept. The 99-year-old refused to take out her purse or show him any cash. "Take it up with the property management and leave my flat immediately" she said decisively. After that the rumbled thief left without any money and without any further trouble.  Police are investigating and have not yet identified the suspect.


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