Which countries soccer fans have more presence in 2014 World Cup?

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FIFA received approximately 11 million ticket requests in the run up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with a total of 2,961,911 sold by 05 June. 60% of those were snapped up by the tournament hosts, equating to an impressive 1,363,179 tickets. That´s why in every stadium we can found lots of Brazil fans with their yellow shirt.

The United States accounts for the largest slice of the remaining 40%. 196,838 tickets were sold to fans of the Stars and Stripes, quite a distance ahead of the 61,021 tickets sold to Argentinean fans who round off the top three. Maybe argies are expecting that Leo Messi will lead their team to victory.

In fourth place came Germany fans that bought 58,778 tickets for World Cup matches, just a step ahead Great Britain hooligans with 57, 917. Then cames Colombia, Australia, Chile, France and Mexico, which reveals that fanatism is greater than localism (in the case of north, south and central america countries), as the information compiled by the statistics portal Statista revealed.

And in case your national team is defeated, you can always take a break on brazilian beaches.

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