Italy Foresees 6.5 Million German Tourists This Summer

Sun 30th Jun, 2024

Image by David Vives from PixabayItaly is gearing up to welcome approximately 6.5 million holidaymakers from Germany this summer, making it the largest contingent of tourists from any single country. This projection comes from a survey released by Assoturismo Confesercenti, a prominent tourism association.

This year, the majority of German tourists are expected to flock to Italy's coastlines and renowned lakes like Lake Garda. Additionally, South Tyrol with its picturesque mountains remains a perennial favorite among visitors. The prevalence of the German language in Italy's northernmost region enhances the appeal for German-speaking tourists.

Italian tourism experts anticipate a total of 34.1 million overnight stays by German vacationers during the summer months, constituting roughly one-third of all stays. This forecast reflects a 3.5 percent increase compared to the same period last year, as reported by data from Banca d'Italia, Italy's central bank. On average, German visitors spend approximately 123 euros per day while in Italy, with a significant number opting to travel by car, comprising three-quarters of the total.

In addition to Germany, the United States ranks second with 2.5 million expected visitors, followed closely by France with 2.3 million. Switzerland and the Netherlands are projected to send 1.6 million tourists each to Italy this season. Among these, American tourists are noted for their highest average daily spending in Italy, at 210 euros per day.

The upcoming summer season promises robust tourism figures for Italy, driven primarily by its popularity among German travelers and sustained interest from other key international markets. As preparations intensify across Italy's tourist destinations, authorities and businesses are gearing up to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for visitors from around the globe.

Image by David Vives from Pixabay


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