US tourist murdered at Neuschwanstein

Thu 15th Jun, 2023

An American woman was killed after being thrown more than 160 feet into a ravine by a man who had allegedly sexually assaulted her at a popular tourist destination in Germany.

Wednesday's assault took place in Bavaria close to Neuschwanstein Castle, which is thought to have served as Walt Disney's inspiration.
The victim's friend, who attempted to stop the assault, was seriously hurt.

Police have detained a suspect in the murder, attempted murder, and sexual assault case who is reportedly a 30-year-old American citizen.

According to a prosecutor in Bavaria, the women first encountered the man on the Marienbrücke Bridge, a pedestrian walkway that looks over the famous castle, before he led them onto a trail that led to a viewpoint.

Thomas Hörmann, the chief public prosecutor, was quoted by the BILD newspaper as saying: "The crime occurred on Wednesday around 2:40. On a hiking excursion east of the Marienbrücke, the two tourists happened to run into the man and joined him. ".

There is a claim that the man assaulted the young woman sexually at some point. German media reported that after her 22-year-old daughter stepped in, the man choked her and threw her 50 meters into a ravine beneath the Marienbrücke Bridge.

The 21-year-old was allegedly strangled after which he allegedly pushed her into the ravine as well.

According to the current state of the investigation, a sexual offense against the 21-year-old must be presumed, according to a police statement that was translated into English.

After a massive police operation involving 25 emergency vehicles on Wednesday afternoon, the suspect was apprehended and taken to a police station in nearby Fuessen.

The two women were discovered by mountain rescue personnel; the 22-year-old was hurt but appeared to be able to speak. She is still being treated for serious injuries in the hospital.

After being flown to the hospital, the 21-year-old passed away that evening. Authorities have not yet released the names of the man or the two women, but it is believed that all three are Americans.

A number of people were rescued from Neuschwanstein by a helicopter, and one of them was led away in handcuffs, apparently after having fallen from a cliff and scaled railings.

If it is requested that a suspect be held in custody, German law requires that they be brought before a judge before the end of the day of their arrest.

According to the police, a judge ordered that he be detained.

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