Smoking ban imminent?

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Smokers and non-smokers should mark the 4th of July on their calenders as it will most likely be the day where the public will vote for or against a strict non-smoking policy in Bavaria's gastronomy.

Munich. In their second and most influential recent conference, the governing majority consisting of CSU and FDP disapproved the concept of a strict smoking ban, as was to be expected. Now it is up to the citizens of Bavaria to vote as to whether they want a total smoking ban in bars, pubs, restaurants and even tents, such as those used at Oktoberfest.

The confrontation surrounding the year long dispute regarding the smoking ban will occur on the 4th of July. Public authorities are making preparations for that date, as well as those who support or oppose the idea. The supporters for the ban want health protection in public areas and the people who are against it are concerned with losing what they call "Liberalitas Bavariae". The public behind the referendum are very determined to get the ban approved. If the Bavarian population objects to the ban, the current lenient smoking restrictions will remain intact. This law, which was mollified through pressure from the FDP, permits a great deal of special arrangements for Bavarian eateries and licenced premises, such as rooms for smokers.

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