Nymphenburg Palace: Family Day at the Carriage Museum

Wed 13th Sep, 2023

Schloss Nymphenburg Parkseite 02, © Muenchen Tourismus, J.LutzIn 2023, the Carriage Museum celebrates its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, the Bavarian Palace Administration invites you to a Family Day on September 17th. From 11 am to 5 pm, magnificent carriages, extraordinary sleighs, and all sorts of treasures for horse enthusiasts await children and families.

In a journey through the entire museum, young visitors can discover incredible things at many stations with the help of friendly carriage professionals: How does a sedan chair open? What do the magnificent fabrics and tassels, which are everywhere, feel like? How many bells did a single sleigh horse wear? What kind of staff was needed to set these carriages in motion - and to make them look so beautiful? Putting a bridle on a horse is worth a try, just like the final test of what it feels like to sit in such a carriage. Those who discover all this can appoint themselves as honorary Chief Stable Masters of the King!

What? Family Day at the Carriage Museum Nymphenburg

When? September 17th, 11 am to 5 pm

Admission? Admission is free for children and adolescents up to 18 years old. Adults only pay for the museum ticket.

Registration? No registration is required.

The Bavarian Palace Administration

The Bavarian Administration of State Castles, Gardens, and Lakes is one of the most traditional administrations in the Free State of Bavaria. Originally established as the court administration for the Electors and Kings, it is now one of the largest state museum operators in Germany, managing 45 castles, palaces, and residences, along with other historical landmarks. In addition, it oversees a unique historical legacy: the splendid court gardens, palace parks, garden complexes, and lakes. These unique ensembles of European architecture, coupled with rich artistic decoration, annually attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

Schloss Nymphenburg Parkseite 02, © Muenchen Tourismus, J.Lutz


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