The Munich Eye Remembers 9/11

September 11, 2001.  America's current generation's Pearl Harbor or Kennedy Assasination.  An event witnessed around the globe.  It was a day when terror hit every corner of the world.

U.S. Consul-General, Munich, Conrad R. Tribble has been a diplomat for the past 24 years and served in many posts around the world.  He sat down with The Munich Eye to discuss his 9/11 experience, the measures of public diplomacy taken by the U.S. after the attack, and where we are today.

Download the podcast here.

The Munich Eye would like to hear from you, our readers, to share where you were that fateful day, how has that day changed your lives, and your thoughts on our world becoming safer... or worse.

Please use our Citizen Journalism feature in the box to the right (or click here) to submit your experience.  We will publish your entry as part of our 9/11 coverage.

Don't forget to tell us your name, where you come from and where you are now.

Thanks for sharing and honoring this world event with us.

(Submision deadline: Saturday, September 10 22:00 CET / 21:00 GMT)

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