Teen criminal strikes again

A Munich teenager attacked several party-goers on Friday 29th of September during their visit to Oktoberfest.
The teen was already criminally known to the police, and received a banning order after the incident, prohibiting his return to the Wies'n.
This however, did not seem to deter the teenager, as he returned to the festival grounds and early on Saturday morning took part in an attack on an American festival visitor on the 1st October.
According to police, at approximately 0.15 on Saturday morning, pickpocket investigators came across 5 youths, between the ages of 14 and 22, on an area popular with sleeping drunks. It was thought that the boys were intending to pickpocket drunken Oktoberfest revellers and they were swiftly moved on by the authorities.
After leaving the Fest, the boys then arrived at the main entrance and happened upon a 22-year-old American intern sleeping upon a bark bench. The intern was attacked and put into a stranglehold whilst his camera was taken from his pocket. The attackers were arrested and their sentences are yet to be determined.

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