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Studies have shown that lowering the speed limit in Germany would be beneficial to both air quality and energy savings.

"Do you think the speed limits should be lowered to 130 kmh (80mph), as it is in neighboring countries, to help achieve these goals?"

Tilo, aspiring journalistTilo, aspiring journalist, Munich
"Since other neighbouring countries have a speed limit of 130 kmh and there are so few times you can really go 200 because of so much traffic, I would not mind having the limits lowered. While I do enjoy the option of going fast, most of the time you really don't get to your destination all that much faster. Not worth the stress."


Rudolf from Lehel     -munichFOTORudolf, long-time Lehel resident
"Yes it would make a difference in the amount of fuel used and it would improve air quality. The traffic is so heavy most of the time it is hard to go much faster than 130. I think the average speed is much lower than people think."






Melih, waiter      -munichFOTOMelih, waiter at Xll Apostel in Lehel
"I think the help to the environment is worth it. We think of green things and energy savings in many places, but sometimes not when driving. Cars use much fuel [sic] when they go full speed on the autobahn.
But it might be different for me if I had a car that could go 250!"

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