Munich shows its face against the right-wing for what is right

Munich shows its face against the right-wing for what Is right

When living in a city as beautiful as Munich, it is sometimes very hard to imagine the dark past that, almost 70 years later still causes feelings of guilt amongst many Germans.

It always makes me so sad when I hear Germans apologising for something, that, like most people from this generation, happened before they or their parents were even born. Most countries have an undesirable past, but the actions of our forefathers have no bearing on the people we are today - or at least they shouldn't.

And unfortunately, as we know, racism and right-wing extremism still exists all over the world. It has many forms, and many words, but fundamentally, it is based on the same principles. This is not something that will go away anytime soon, but when enough people stand against these groups and show that this behaviour has no place in a modern society, then slowly, but surely, things will change.

Angered and shocked by many recent events, including the much publicised Neo-Nazi Terror Trio, and many protests and marches from the NPD, the people of Munich have decided enough is enough and have declared along with Munich City Council and Mayor, Christian Ude that "we are standing up."

A city-wide campaign called "Munich Shows Its Face" (München zeigt Gesicht) was announced this year and will run until March 2013. The campaign has gained huge media attention, and has been sponsored by many big companies keen to show their support.

On August 21st, billboards around the city will show the faces of hundreds of Munich residents who are ready to stand firm against racist discrimination and show that they will not tolerate it.

Munich Mayor, Christian Ude will also show his face in support of his city and its people.

To find out more about this great campaign and show your support, please check here for more information: Laut Gegen Brauntöne.

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