Munich mountaineer found after 10 years

Classic hiker in the 40's in the Ötzal Alps, looking west to Watzespitze (3532 m, center, summit behind clouds)  |   munichFOTO/Deutsche FotothekHe went missing whilst mountaineering in the Alps and his body was never found. However last Thursday, a corpse was discovered that was later identified as the body of the man who had been reported missing over a decade ago. The body was found by a mountain guide who noticed a hand protruding from a glacier at some 3,000 meters high.

In the Ötztaler Alps in Austria, the corpse had been preserved in an ivy crevasse. The man from Munich, who was born in 1973, was an avid mountaineer and went missing during a trip undertaken in 2001. "We supposed that he must have slipped and fallen into the crevasse where he later froze to death," said a representative from the police in Vienna (Austria) on Monday. The glacier has been gradually melting over the past 10 years, subsequently revealing the corpse.

The mountain guide discovered the body last Thursday whilst hiking at an altitude of around 3,000 meters. He noticed a hand and a part of the body sticking out of the melting ice. Rescue personnel managed to free the body with a hammer, whilst a helicopter flew into the valley. The police were able to correctly identify the body as being the man filed missing 10 years ago, using dental records. According to the police, the man was alone but well equipped and experienced when he set off in 2001.

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