I Wanna Rock!

As a product of America, one of the things that I grew up with which seems to be in very short supply here in Munich, is real Rock music. I'm not talking about Bon-Jovi, or Bryan Adams. AC/DC is OK, but their best days are behind them. Please no more Styx or Foereigner! There is a real dearth of good driving guitar-based Rock here in Munich. Why?

Mention Rammstein here and eyes mostly roll (Rammstein is one of the few German bands-if only band-that can sell out large arenas in the US. And most American's knowledge of German is rudimentary at best.).

Choose any city in America and spin the dial. After the obligatory Christian stations at the bottom of the dial (there are more Christian radio stations in the USA than any other type), followed by a few Classical Music stations (mostly on the coasts), one is inundated by Pop, R&B, Rap and Rock music. After some careful searching, of the Sherlock Holmes type, one in Munich may hear a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, or, if really lucky, a song from Linkin Park. Where can I get some TOOL? System of a Down? How about something a bit more mainstream like Breaking Benjamin?

Never heard of TOOL? When they played at "Rock am Ring", they nearly tore the whole place down. Limp Bizkit? Ditto. Young people know them, but why no radio airplay? Wherefore out my Fred Durst?

I am a big fan of German bands that I hear on the radio or watch on video music channels like VIVA or MTV. Juli, Silbermond, Die Ärzte, and Die Toten Hosen are but a few. I just wish I could have my morning coffee with some Incubus, Alice in Chains or Smashing Pumpkins on the radio sometimes. MP3 or CD's can be oh so predictable.

But in the end I guess it is all relative. America has also given the world Justin Bieber, so Germany listening to Tokio Hotel is, well, almost understandable. You did this to us Elvis!

It is time to put in a Rammstein CD and pound my head against the wall.

I Wanna Rock!

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