Gräfelfinger Kulturfestival at Paul-Diehl-Park

Normally, Paul-Diehl-Park is just a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of Munich city life, a short train ride west of Munich. However, this particular area of Pasing's 'Stadtparks' is currently rocking to the sounds of the Gräfelfinger Kulturfestival.

Yesterday Paul-Diehl-Park saw the beginning of the four-day-long celebrations that have come to Munich once every two years since 1978. Admittance is free to all and the festival often sees on average of around 4000 visitors enjoying the transformation of the Paul-Diehl-Park.

For those of us who love their Rock, their Soul, or even their Jazz music, the Gräfelfinger Kulturfestival boasts a considerable amount of talent that represents these various genre; acts such as the Popa Raff Band, Al Jones and the Ludwig Seuss Blues Band are showcasing their talents. Others, who find Pop and Hip-Hop more to their liking, will also find their tastes satisfied.  The programme also includes theatre performances and Cabaret.

On the refreshment side of things there is a Biergarten, a cocktail bar, various drinks stands, Cafélounge Cafè Paletti and a wine and cheese tent. Foods available include grilled meats, Wurst (sausages), fish, Thai cuisine, vegetarian and much more.

Children are also catered for. Children's painting and workshops are available, along with games and a climbing wall.

 When? 02nd - 5th, August 

Where? Egerländerstr. 2c, 82166 Gräfelfing


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