Bavaria Dog takes the plunge

Last Sunday 29 July, the third annual Bavaria Dog festival took place in the Olympic Park (Olympiapark). Unlike traditional dog shows, this event is geared towards people and their very normal dogs.

There were agility courses and dog training presentations, as well as stands with every sort of dog-related product you can imagine. The on and off again rain showers might have irritated the humans at the festival, but their canine companions were having too much fun to notice.

There was even a diving exhibition in which dogs were able to jump off of a platform into the waiting arms of a very experienced dog handler. Although many chickened out at the last minute, there are not words to describe the joy on the faces of those dogs who decided to take the plunge.

It was also a great opportunity for people to get a close up look at a variety of dog breeds, as it seemed like at least one of every sort was in attendance. The camaraderie of dog owners was also abundantly displayed. Aside from a few visitors to the Olympiapark who had not been aware of the event and were afraid of dogs, a good time was apparently had by all.


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