Bavaria's brass demand Greece leave EU

Markus Söder (CSU), Bavaria's Finance Minister, foresees no alternative to Greece leaving the eurozone, primarily because he doubts that Greece will be able to fulfil the required reforms.

In addition, he has criticised the general "debt mentality" of some EU countries including Greece. He went on to predict the ever weakening of these economies that would eventually damage Europe's international reputation.

Söder's position has the full support of Bavaria's Minister-President Horst Seehofer (CSU), who has long criticised those who support backing a third bailout fund. Both politicians are proponents of  an upper limit to Eurozone bailouts, due to their concerns that Germany could go from being a lending country to one that needs drastic financial support.

Although they are in the ruling coalition, members of the liberal FDP criticised Seehofer for leading the CSU on a separate path when it came to Euro-debt management. The FDP's General Secretary Patrick Döring highlighted the importance of cooperation between the coalition partners, and stressed how much easier the way would be if they worked together.

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