New Special Exhibition in Munich's Residenz

Mon 16th Oct, 2023

Photo © Bayerische Schloesserverwaltung, Rainer HerrmannThe Bavarian Palace Administration is presenting a new special exhibition titled "Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell - Garden Artist, Urban Planner & Author" at the Residenz in Munich, starting on Saturday, October 14. Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell is regarded as the most significant German garden artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He played a pivotal role in promoting the "classic" English landscape garden, especially in Southern Germany. Born in 1750 in Weilburg an der Lahn, Hesse, Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell significantly influenced Munich as a garden artist and urban planner. His legacy remains visible and palpable in the city to this day. Through the English Garden and the Nymphenburg Palace Park, he bequeathed two extraordinary and world-renowned works of garden art to the people of Munich, which are now under the care of the Bavarian Palace Administration. After more than two decades of intense creative work in Munich, Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell passed away on February 24, 1823. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his death, the Bavarian Palace Administration dedicates a special exhibition to him, presenting the various phases of Sckell's work through carefully selected plans and models.

The exhibition's focus is on Sckell's time as the Hofgartenintendant (Court Garden Superintendent) in Munich. The displayed plan graphics were meticulously selected, showcasing the art of plan representation and an impressive level of detail. A closer look is worthwhile! Reproducing the plans in their original scale and illuminating them with state-of-the-art LED technology effectively highlights the fine ink and pencil drawings with their delicate watercolor hues. Sckell's design principles become particularly evident in the over 200-year-old historical garden model of the former Biederstein Park on the edge of the English Garden. This exhibition highlight has been carefully restored and is publicly displayed for the first time in four decades. It allows visitors to relive the original lost buildings and plantings. A newly crafted model of the Nymphenburg Geranium House illustrates the functioning of Sckell's greenhouses.

The exhibition can be visited at the Residenz in Munich as part of the museum tour from October 14, 2023, to February 23, 2024 (Residenzmuseum admission required). As a special offer for young exhibition visitors, there is a children's puzzle with prizes.

For further information about the Residenz in Munich, please visit: Residenz München

Bavarian Palace Administration

The Bavarian Administration of State Palaces, Gardens, and Lakes is one of the Free State of Bavaria's most tradition-rich administrations. Originating as the court administration of the electors and kings, it is now one of Germany's largest state museum institutions, overseeing 45 palaces, castles, and residences, along with other architectural landmarks. It is also home to a unique historical heritage: the splendid court gardens, palace parks, and garden landscapes. These extraordinary ensembles of European architecture, coupled with abundant artistic embellishments, annually attract a global audience of millions.

Photo © Bayerische Schloesserverwaltung, Rainer Herrmann


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