Muslims in Germany

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Berlin (dpa) - Germany is home to 3.8 to 4.3 million Muslims. 20 percent of them are members of religious associations or communities.
There are approximately 2,350 mosques in the country. Nearly three-quarters of the total are Sunnites, the dominant faith. The Alevis follow with 13 and the Shias with 7 percent.

Nearly two-thirds of the Muslim immigrants are of Turkish descent. More than 13 percent come from Southeast Europe, roughly 8 percent from the Middle East and 7 percent from North Africa.

According to a study by the Federal Office for Migration 2009, an estimated 36 percent are strong believers. Forty-seven percent are from Africa and 10 percent from Iran. A good 52 percent of Muslims from Africa pray at least once a day, with fellow believers from Turkey praying a third times a day. Fifty-four percent of the Muslims from Iran and 16 percent of those from Turkey never pray.

At the end of 2010, according to the Constitution Protection Report 29 there were active Islamist organizations with 37 470 followers. Of this, 31 370 of them were supporters of Turkish groups, including 30,000 of Milli Gorus. 3730 people joined organizations from the Arab region, including 1,300 of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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