Munich Implements Stricter Regulations on Cannabis Use

Wed 8th May, 2024

Image by Dad Grass from PixabayAs of Thursday, May 9th, smoking cannabis will be strictly prohibited in several public areas in Munich. The English Garden, along with the Hofgarten opposite the State Chancellery and the Finanzgarten, will be designated as cannabis-free zones. Additionally, a ban on cannabis use will be enforced in the Hofgarten in Bayreuth, starting from Ascension Day.

These changes to park regulations were swiftly enacted following a decision by the cabinet and were published overnight. The prohibition includes smoking, heating, or vaping cannabis products, as well as the use of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or similar devices for this purpose. Both Munich and Bayreuth fall under state jurisdiction through the Bavarian Palace Administration.

Recent decisions by the cabinet also extend the cannabis ban to folk festivals and beer gardens. However, implementing this ban requires a legal amendment, which is currently underway. The CSU and Free Voters government factions introduced a joint bill to the state parliament on Tuesday, aiming to expedite the process. The goal is to finalize these new regulations before the summer break.

The state government's initiative to tighten regulations on cannabis use follows the partial nationwide legalization of cannabis. Despite opposition, Bavaria was unable to prevent legalization itself. The ban on cannabis use, particularly at folk festivals like Oktoberfest, is part of these efforts. Smoking weed is prohibited on the entire Oktoberfest grounds, and there are plans to include cannabis products in the existing legal smoking ban, which applies indoors in public buildings, restaurants, and cultural and leisure facilities.

Furthermore, the CSU and Free Voters propose extending the ban on cannabis use to designated smoking rooms and areas, as well as outdoor spaces of restaurants, cafés, and beer gardens. The ban encompasses not only burning but also heating and vaporizing cannabis products.

Image by Dad Grass from Pixabay


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