Mild autumn weather expected in southern and eastern Germany

Wed 5th Oct, 2022

Image by Rebekka DIn Germany, mild autumn weather is expected in many places in the coming days. On Wednesday, there may be golden October weather, especially in the south and east, as the German Weather Service announced in Wiesbaden on Tuesday.

There, after fog dissipates, "the sun shows up more often and T-shirt-worthy highs up to 24 degrees let late summer feeling arise," said meteorologist Marcel Schmid.

The west and northwest, on the other hand, will fall under the influence of low pressure system Zydrune, which will bring denser cloud fields, it said. Rain will remain the exception, but stormy gusts are possible on the coast and in the mountains.

According to the DWD, Thursday will be mostly clear. While the sky in the south will be cloudy to heavily cloudy in some areas, the sun may prevail in other parts of the country. "With 17 to 22 degrees, it will be a very mild October day," Schmid said.

Also on Friday, not much will change in the weather pattern: In the west, in the center and in the northeast, it will remain mostly clear. Otherwise, according to the forecasts, it will be partly cloudy, partly overcast, in the south there may be persistent fog or high fog. The maximum temperatures will be 16 to 22 degrees.

Image by Rebekka D


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