Lauterbach presents new plans for cannabis law

Fri 7th Apr, 2023

Photo by Shelby IrelandFederal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) wants cannabis legalization in Germany to be implemented initially only in model regions, according to a report. This emerges from updated key points, which Lauterbach wants to discuss with the heads of the parliamentary groups of the traffic light parties, as the portal "Zeit Online" reported on Friday. According to the report, model regions could be selected metropolitan areas, but could also be located in rural areas.

According to the plans, the effects of legal sales under various conditions are to be tested there and subsequently evaluated. According to the report, the model projects will be scientifically monitored and initially limited to four years.

According to the report, the plan to introduce model regions is also a reaction to concerns on the part of the EU Commission, where conflicts with European law are feared. Therefore, Lauterbach said, he wants to coordinate this part of the legalization with Brussels. The non-commercial private cultivation and possession of cannabis, on the other hand, the minister wants to decriminalize without involving the European Union (EU).

Accordingly, it is also planned that so-called cannabis clubs may be founded in Germany - non-commercial associations in which cannabis consumers organize to grow weed for their own use and distribute it to members.

The key points for the legalization of cannabis presented by Lauterbach in October stipulate, among other things, that the purchase and possession of up to 20 to 30 grams should be exempt from punishment. Delivery and distribution are to be permitted only within a licensed and state-controlled framework. Private cultivation is to be permitted to a limited extent - three plants per person are planned.

Photo by Shelby Ireland


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