Karneval countdown

Fasching with The Spider Murphy GangSo, here we are in the last week of Fasching festivities and time fast running out to make the most of the pre-lent party period. In case you were unaware, Munich closes off the party season with a colourful parade and public fancy dress event at Viktaulianmarkt, near the tourist centre of Marienplatz. Be there from 10:30 am on the 17th to see the Tanz de Marktfrauen, but be sure to come early or face the tussle and bussle of trying to navigate through a packed crowd of tens of thousands.  If you have children in tow, then perhaps a less busy event may suit the family better.  There is a Jungle Parade (Dschungelparade) at Sendling-Westpark on the 15th, with music, stilt walkers and other activities to keep the kids happy.  Additionally, the airport is hosting a Kinderfasching on the 16th, which promises to be a lot of fun for the entire family.

For the adults, then look no further than a night with the Spider Murphy Gang, Munich's favourite home-grown talent.  This yearly event is very popular and is hosted in the Heide-Volm beer garden in Planegg. Though not compulsory, it is a costume event, so treat yourself to something from HORROR-SHOP'S great collection of Fasching attire and dress to impress for this most particular of Munich events.  The Gang is supported on the night by Thunderbirds und DJ Chuck Herrmann, but remember to check ticket availability prior to turning up at the door.

For those new to Munich and the German-speaking world, Fasching, or Carnival as English-speakers call it (Karneval in German) may seem a little eccentric. Yet in Munich, it is a vital part of city life, and one can't call oneself a true Münchner until one has replaced one's mask of respectability, with one a little bit more flamboyant and fun.  Only one week left to don that costume and live it up - The Munich Eye looks forward to seeing you at many of these events in the coming days.

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