Is Munich going to explode?

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 8th May, 2017

Munich is growing faster than expected. According to the newest demographic report, the number of inhabitants in the city of Munich might rise up to 1.8M by 2030 - that is 100.000 people more than the last prognosis showed. At the beginning of May the Munich planning department is going to present the latest report to the city council.

The rapid growth will be one of the biggest political challenges of the next decade: public transport, infrastructures, housing, day care centers and schools are all affected and become more and more important. Already the housing market is tight, the property prizes are ridiculously high and the traffic is dense.

Not only the city itself is facing these problems though; so do the surrounding districts where investments in the same areas are inevitable.

Three years ago Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter brought to life the "Regionale Wohnungsbaukonferenz" (Regional Housing Conference) with the aim of finding solutions to the shared problems and challenges. The conference will take place for the third time on May 10th 2017 in Ebersberg, providing a forum for dialog and project work.

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