Impending Strikes For Bus, Tram and S/U-Bahn

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 23rd Aug, 2010

Munich. Public transport is facing strikes. The labour union declared the wage and salary negotiations had failed on friday evening. It is not yet clear when the strike will begin.

The labour union DBB declared yesterday evening the wage and salary negotiation with the local employers had failed. It will be decided with a ballot vote and quite possibly soon buses, trams and trains will be standing still in Munich. Other bavarian cities like Dachau, Augsburg or Nuremberg could also be affected.

The employers had extended talks with Verdi, the second labour union at the negotiations table. Verdi represents many employees in local traffic employment in Bavaria. At the time when the DBB pulled out, an offer was on the table for a 3.5% salary increase as well as improvements for adjusting nightshifts, which would have seen a one-off payment of 120 Euro. When this sum was doubled, Verdi agreed and there is no strike to be expected from them.

The DBB demanded stronger agreement on working times. The only change now is that employees can take nightshift hours into the next year. Racking up 110 or more hours of nightshifts, grants an employee one extra day of holiday. Previously these hours would decay if they were not used within 1 year.

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