Husband kills wife with machine gun

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 8th Mar, 2010

Hasenbergl. Saturday morning, a 48 year-old carpenter shot his 46 year-old wife with a machine gun in the laundry room of their house.

The Serbian family had lived for eight years in the area with four children; two boys (12 and 18 years) and two girls (12 and 15 years). The mother was working in a local nursing home as a cleaner.

Saturday morning around 8:30, Nusreta K.  went down to the laundry room of her house. According to the chief of the Munich-based homicide squad, Mark Kraus Avdurahman followed his wife with an old Yugoslav civil war machine gun. he shot his wife, closed the door and fled. One of the sons found his mother in the laundry room. Nusreta K. died on her way to hospital. The motive he claims was a quarrel about money. His wife had spent money without his consent.

The assailant is in police custody.

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