Haderner Organic Brewery: A Rebirth in Munich's Historic Stürzerhof

Tue 8th Aug, 2023

Photo copyright haderner.deMunich's pioneering venture into organic brewing has taken a bold step forward as the Haderner Organic Brewery proudly unveils its revitalized presence within the venerable Stürzerhof. Recognized as Munich's very first organic brewery, Haderner has risen anew to carry forward its legacy of Bavarian authenticity and delectable taste. The essence of Bavaria is distilled in their craft-brewed organic beers, a symphony of flavors waiting to be explored through immersive tastings, enlightening brewing courses, and captivating brewery tours.

Beyond the frothy delights they offer, the Haderner Organic Brewery stands as a testament to sustainable beer production. Its familial ownership and operation underscore a dedication to nurturing the environment while producing the finest libations. However, the brewery's significance extends beyond its sustainable practices--it forms a crucial strand in the rich tapestry of the city's cultural heritage.

Housed within the storied walls of the Stürzerhof, the brewery's new abode is itself an embodiment of history. This historical edifice is a living chapter in Munich's brewing heritage, boasting a lineage that stretches back through the annals of time. It was here that Josef Pschorr, an illustrious Munich brewer and the visionary behind the Hacker-Pschorr brewery, took his first breath. As the birthplace of such an influential figure, the Stürzerhof radiates a sense of belonging--a fitting home for the Haderner Organic Brewery's renaissance.

Inhabiting this venerable space, the Haderner Organic Brewery steps into a legacy that's interwoven with the very fabric of Munich's identity. It's not just about crafting beer; it's about preserving tradition, embracing sustainability, and inviting enthusiasts to savor the taste of history itself. As their taps flow with meticulously crafted brews, they symbolize a connection to the past that's embraced by the present--a harmonious blend that truly defines the Haderner experience.

Photo copyright haderner.de


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