Girl sexually assualted on bus

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 30th Apr, 2010

Munich. In broad daylight on a crowded bus, a drunken 46 year-old man sexually intimidated a 10 year-old girl, yet most people did nothing.

The young school girl caught the bus at 14:45 at Ostbahnhof on Monday. The offender also got on and sat beside her, making sexually suggestive comments and playing with her hair. He told he was going to bring her home with him.

At this point the girl started crying and whispering for someone to help her. The 46 year-old told everyone that she was his daughter and that seemed to pacify most. Except a 19 year-old man called Thomas, who, along with his girlfriend Ricarda, intervened. Thomas, having worked as a doorman part-time, had some experience with volatile situations and was able to restrain the would-be assailant. The bus driver called the police and the man was arrested.  As a sexual offence was not actually committed, he remained uncharged, though investigations are continuing. Police are eager to contact a female passenger on the bus with orange hair and a Berlin accent.

UPDATE: the offender has now been charged with sexual assualt.

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