Export Bavaria

Bavaria´s economy has still potential in exports
Non-European countries gain more importance

According to a new study of the vbw (Association of Bavarian Economy) in cooperation with Roland Berger consultants, Bavaria has enormous export potential on the global market. Bertram Brossard, vbw general manager, stated, "Bavaria´s economic future remains exports." Bavarian companies have to continue internationalise and to focus more on non-European countries.

The new study is concentrated on 20 countries most relevant for Bavaria, including important actual export destinations as the USA and China, but also countries as Brazil, Turkey, India, Russia and Indonesia, who are going to be more important in the future.

Brossard came to the conclusion, that Bavarian companies "have brilliant perspectives" in countries with rising population, a rising middle-class eager to consume, and developing their own industry. These countries still need imports and must invest in their infrastructures.

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