Eisbach Claims Second Victim in two Weeks

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 12th Jun, 2017

Only two weeks after the drowning of a teenage girl, a 35-year-old male tourist from India has suffered the same fate.

Again the accident happened near the surfer wave in English Garden where the victim stepped into the water and was carried away by the powerful current. The water at this stretch of the river is only waist high but just like the 15-year-old girl the man could not or could hardly swim. His family had to helplessly watch him being dragged under and swept away. Several people jumped in and tried to help but had to give up due to the strong current and the danger to their own life.

Despite the large search operation the man could only be found dead two hours later, when divers found his body at the Tivoli Power Plant.

Two deaths within less than two weeks - and still no reaction from the responsible authorities, except the repeated reference to the bathing ban and the corresponding signs.

Another relevent issue should be mentioned in this context: many schools in Germany have to cancel swimming lessons because communities are closing down their public swimming pools for financial reasons. It is estimated that already one third of all 10-year-old children can't swim at all and up to 60% struggle to keep themselves safely above water.

For 2016 Bavaria holds the sad record of the most drowning victims in Germany - 91 in total. Many of those were refugees, most of them being non-swimmers. They and their offspring as well as children of families with lower income are at the greatest disadvantage here. They can't afford to attend private swimming lessons and may be not aware of the dangers behind failing to learn to swim.

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