China becomes most important trade partner of Bavaria

China is Bavaria's biggest trade partner. Photo Courtesy of:

For the first time China is the most important trade partner of Bavaria declared Bavarian Minister for Economics Martin Zeil. Imports and exports make 7,1 billion Euro. Especially exports went up 19.1 % and compensated imports - 8.7 % (compared to 1st quarter 2011). Until last year Austria was the most important trade partner, 3rd is the USA with 6.6 billion Euros.


Most important export country is still USA with 4.3 billion Euros, +21.9 %. Second is China (4.1 billion + 19.9 %) followed by Austria (3.4 billion Euro; +4,2 %). Exports from Bavaria went up to 41.5 billion Euro altogether, +6.4 % compared to 2011. Main branches are automotive (+7.4 %), engineering (+12,9 %) and chemical products (+11,7 %).

Imports went up 3.0 % to 36.6 billion Euros, especially due to raw materials. The most important import country is Austria, followed by China.

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