Bayern fans left in the dark

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 8th Apr, 2010

Munich. The munich football fans held their breath on wednesday as they watched Bayern Munich played the second leg of their Champions-League-quarter-final in Manchester; at least the ones that were able to watch them.

All of a sudden they stared at blank TV screens: at exactly 8.47 PM on Wednesday evening the power went off in parts of Schwanthaler Höhe and Sendling, during the Champions-League match between Manchester United and FC Bayern - of all the days for this to happen!

Around 1100 households were plunged into darkness. The affected fans missed the first goal in the 3rd minute, the 2nd goal in the 7th minute, as well as the 3rd Manchester United goal in the 41st minute. In the 43rd minute Olic scored, reducing the deficit to one goal.

Power was not restored until the 70th minute, when the supporters were finally able to watch the game, the Bayern fans in Schwanthaler Höhe and Sendling could cheer for the dream goal of Robben in the 74th minute.

The Stadtwerke apologized for the powercut: "We sent our workers out immediatley to fix the problem", ensured SWM spokesman Christian Miehling. The reason for the power cut was a faulty cable.

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