Apps to Make the Most of Munich's Public Transport WiFi

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We're very lucky in Germany to enjoy some of the best public transportation in the world. Reliable, convenient, and with all the modern technology which we would expect, this allows us new opportunities which many in other nations might have missed. It's not just about waiting to arrive at your destination, now you can use your trip for cheap or free entertainment or to catch up on work.

Much of this ties into mobile devices and free Wi-Fi, which started on bus tours and then expanded into general bus and train use. Using these connections and a simple smartphone will give travellers almost everything they need.


There's some work that can only be performed at the office, but many of us have components of our jobs which do not require a full office setup. Answering emails is a simple task that can be performed easily over Wi-Fi and can free up time at the office for more important things.

It is also possible to work on larger writing projects by downloading programs such as the mobile version of MS Word. By utilising the Windows One Drive service, you can automatically link your mobile system to important files from work or home. Together, these two make it possible to edit, review, or write drafts easily on the go.

When in range of connectable Wi-Fi, the updated file would then be shared across all devices, saving users even from the pain of manual synchronisation.


Many of the forms of entertainment we enjoy at home can similarly be enjoyed with a mobile connection. The most common among these are the likes of YouTube, though many concurrent users with the same idea can make connections spotty.

While streaming is not always an option, you can still make use of apps like Netflix and various TV catch-up apps to download TV and films to your device, meaning that you can enjoy your favourite programs regardless of your connection.

However, with free WiFi and the soon-to-be-implemented 5G connectivity, we may soon see more demanding games and services come to the forefront. Internet connectivity issues being one such example that has proved immensely popular in this regard by offering hundreds of themes and titles to choose from, with modern television shows, classical history, and abstract art all being represented with only small downloads required. With the introduction of 5G, gaming options for commuters will only increase, with more demanding games in and outside the realm of slots being easily available.


Finding a balance between work and play, it's also possible to engage with educational courses while on the go. These come in many forms, some of which require no internet connection. Plan ahead, and you could turn an otherwise boring trip into an opportunity to expand your horizons.

Popular choices here include Rosetta Stone and Duolingo, both of which are available for Android and IOS devices. Be sure to bring your headphones for these systems, as they commonly include audio components.

Preparing Beforehand

As noted, WiFi is officially available and free for many services, but as with every other form of mobile Wi-Fi, it should not entirely be relied on. When possible, prepare yourself for a trip beforehand, and you'll guarantee you can make the most out of downtime.

We would also recommend paying special attention to education on this front, as a little learning a day has been shown to be an effective method of building expertise. Whatever your choice, travel time doesn't have to be dead time, instead, you can use it relax, get ahead, or have fun.


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