Anti-Islamic Protest in Central Munich

The existing controversial mosque in Sendling --munichFOTO/WikiThe "Civil Rights Party for More Freedom and Democracy" today held a petition in central Munich against the opening of a mosque at the Stachus.

The party, which is described as a right-wing group with an anti-Islamic thread, set up a marquee on Kaufingerstrasse and looked for the signatures of anyone who opposes the opening of a mosque in Munich's centre.

The party believes that democracy should be enhanced in Europe by giving control of Europe to Europeans. Among their political messages is a strong pro-Israel stance and a call for a stop to immigration into Germany.

Several police officers gathered at the scene, presumably to prevent any clashes between the party and onlookers, many of whom were opposed to the presence of the "Civil Rights Party."

Several onlookers had brought their own placards and posters, which extolled anti-racism messages and calls for greater tolerance of Islam. Non-violent arguments could be seen taking place between the anti-Islamists and the anti-racists, who stood on opposite sides of a police-erected barricade.

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