Almost two million unvaccinated Italians must pay fine

Wed 7th Dec, 2022

Photo by Towfiqu BarbhuiyaThe Corona vaccination requirement divides many societies. In Germany, facility-based mandatory vaccination is in effect until the end of the year. People who work primarily in healthcare must prove that they have been fully vaccinated. Italy also had such compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups and for people over the age of 50. Those who have not been vaccinated despite the obligation are now facing a hefty bill.

About 1.9 million Italians will have to pay a fine from Thursday (01 December) if they are not vaccinated. This was reported by Der Standard, among others. Affected are certain professional groups such as teachers, paramedics or security guards, as well as people older than 50 years. These groups have been subject to mandatory vaccination in recent months. On November 30, the six-month deadline expired for unvaccinated people to justify why they did not comply with the obligation.

Those who cannot explain why they have not been vaccinated three times must pay a fine of 100 euros. Some had pointed out that they had already contracted the coronavirus.

In June, the vaccination requirement for people over 50 expired. In October, the Italian government under Giorgia Meloni lifted the vaccination requirement for healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes. The previous government under then-Prime Minister Mario Draghi had introduced the regulations.

Meloni had previously called for a different course on the pandemic. Rumors according to which Meloni wanted to lift the fine could not be confirmed so far. On Thursday evening, the Italian Constitutional Court ruled that the mandatory vaccination introduced had been in accordance with the law. The accompanying suspensions from work and salary were therefore also legitimate, the Kronen Zeitung reported.

The penalty mainly affects people in the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Abruzzo and Calabria in southern Italy. There live the most non-vaccinated people compared to the total population.

Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya


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