What the digital vaccination certificate is all about

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What is the digital vaccination certificate and who gets it?

The digital proof of vaccination is a document that all those who have been vaccinated twice can download to their smartphone. It can be used to prove complete immunization against Covid-19 at any time on a cell phone. The German Federal Ministry of Health offers "CovPass," a new app for this purpose. In addition, the Corona warning app will be expanded to include a corresponding function.

Where can I get the proof?

Directly at the second vaccination. Wherever the vaccination takes place - at the doctor's office or vaccination center. In addition to the entry in the vaccination certificate, a QR code is printed out for this purpose. It can be scanned and loaded into the apps mentioned above. But the printout can also be used as proof of vaccination. On Friday, however, there were still technical difficulties in doctors' offices in Hesse. The software is provided by the Federal Ministry of Health in cooperation with several service providers, such as IBM. From when on the practices could actually retrieve and print the QR codes, he did not know, said the spokesman for the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Hesse. The situation is similar at the vaccination center in Frankfurt. There, it should be ready by Monday, "provided that the necessary technical requirements are made available in time by the federal government," according to a spokeswoman.

How long does it take to get the digital vaccination certificate retrospectively?

The fastest way will probably be at the pharmacy. The portal mein-apothekenmanager.de will also show where this is possible from Monday onwards. In the pharmacy, those who have been vaccinated twice will then show their vaccination certificate and ID card and receive the QR code - once the procedures have been practiced. "The start will be a stuttering one," says the spokeswoman for the Hessian Pharmacists Association. Many details about the technical process are still unknown at the moment, she says. In doctors' practices, it will probably take longer to get the proof after the fact. In many practices, some employees are exclusively occupied with vaccination management. Because of the lifted prioritization, there will be even more. According to information from the state of Hesse, the vaccination centers do not have the capacity to issue the certificate retrospectively. But all those vaccinated there would "soon" receive the QR code by mail.

From when should one strive for the proof?

Many citizens will probably understand the laborious start. But when will the 1.4 million twice-vaccinated be able to apply for the digital proof of vaccination? They "should first take their time until the new processes work reliably," says the spokesman for the panel doctors. Pharmacies also ask for patience in the face of the new task. But as soon as it works, everyone should also be able to find a pharmacy via the pharmacy portal where they can get the proof.

How is the digital proof of vaccination verified and what does it entitle the holder to?

The digital proof of vaccination is supposed to be forgery-proof, unlike the yellow paper vaccination certificate. Another app, "CovPassCheck," has been developed for verification purposes. It can be used, for example, for admission to events. And throughout Europe, for example for traveling, the certificate is to come into force on July 1.

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