Weather forecast announces summer comeback in the south

Thu 29th Sep, 2022

Image by Engin AkyurtAutumn is here and not only in terms of the calendar. In the last few days it was cold and rainy in Germany and so it will probably continue the next few days. The Indian summer remains so far still far away. However, a new weather forecast gives hope for warm days. In the middle of October the temperatures are to climb on over 20 degrees. In the south of Germany even nearly 30 degrees are expected. The outlook for the next few weeks remains exciting.

There is a lot of movement in the weather forecast for the next few weeks, as reported by the portal In the coming days in still expect some showers - so it remains wet and autumnal for now. Especially in the west, a lot of precipitation is expected, with temperatures below 15 degrees. Also in the north it will remain fresh and rainy at the turn of the month. After that, the weather should calm down for a while, and in the second week of October, it will be drier everywhere.

According to the calculations, it will remain driest in the south. Already at the beginning of October, temperatures of over 20 degrees are possible. In mid-October, temperatures can then jump to over 25 degrees - even 27 degrees can be reached. It can become summery hot again. In the west, north and east, temperatures also rise to over 20 degrees in mid-October. A few days you will be able to enjoy the golden October, because at the end of the month it will be fresher again.

In the south, the summer temperatures are followed by a slump, with maximum temperatures of only 10 degrees. Temperatures then settle at around 15 degrees in the last weeks of October. Calculations show that it should become drier everywhere by the end of the month. At the beginning of November, however, temperatures collapse again.

Whether there will be further changes in the calculations remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the first weather models forecast that the winter will be colder than previously assumed.

Image by Engin Akyurt


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