Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Your Advantage

Very few women rejoice during this time of the month. There are so many things that are involved that tamper with one's mood. This is the time of the month when hormones are all over and change as they like. This definitely feels like a short period of pregnancy for most if not all women.

In as much as people have always been concentrating on the negatives of this period. Have you cared to look at the amazing outcomes and benefits that you could enjoy during this period? I guess you haven't. But that is just why we are here. Get on this roller-coaster with us and grasp as many facts as you can. Because come that time of the month you will need them.

Menstrual Cycle Health Alarm

Women are the only people with this advantage. More like being your own doctor. When there is something that is wrong with your body and you haven't noticed or you are unaware of then just wait for your cycle and you would be surprised at how much it can tell you.

Wait, please tell me that you did not think that it talks did you? Well, at least not verbally. Women are observant, they have a gift of paying special attention to detail. The odor of your menstrual cycle can be an alarm if something is up.

The type of flow and color of the menstrual blood will also tell you enough for you to know if there is something wrong. Let us bring it home just a little. When your period comes on late or too early already that is a sign. Not only an immune system alarm but also mental health alarm. Stress, hormones in general  can affect your mood and trigger your cycle.

Lose Some Kilos

You are obsessing over losing some pounds? Did you know that you lose a lot more kilos when you are on your cycle? Say that you want to get rid of the tummy and love handles. Have you tried staying with a tummy tucker all through your menstrual cycle and you see what wonders it will do for you?

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