Some call it Wiesn-withdrawl...

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The Wiesn may be over, but the after-effects remain not only in our hearts but also our sinuses for several weeks. The Wiesn-virus has struck yet again.

Throngs of people, poorly washed Mass glasses, and the warm temperature in the tents all contribute to the birth and growth of viruses and bacteria. The doctor surgeries of Munich have recently been filled to the brim, seeing approximately 10 times more visitors than before the Oktoberfest began almost 3 weeks ago. Dr. Florian Wendl treats up to 30 patients a day for the Wiesn virus. The typical Wiesn-virus consists of a cough and cold as well as a sore and hoarse throat. It is only in severe cases that antibiotics are needed, but a fever is enough to keep you in bed for a few days. 

Not only visitors feel the virus. Hosts and performers will also need to recuperate the strains and exertions of the long and busy Fest. The Schichtl tent saw its host, Manfred Schauer withdraw from festivites for 4 days due to a fever and the Hofbräu tent could not escape the germs either, taking Günter Steinberg away from his hosting duties as well. 

All is looking up though, there is still time for recovery before the winter season sets in and another set of runny noses and sore throats hits Germany once again!

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