Shooting in New Orleans Mother's Day Parade

The attack took place during the Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans.In yet another reminder of the reality of gun violence in the United States, an attack took place during the Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans. Around 13:45 as people were gathered to watch the parade, flanked by a full complement of police officers, shots rang out. A total of 19 people, including two ten year old children, were injured, but no fatalities were reported.
Police have stated that several shooters were believed to have been involved and a search for three suspects is currently underway. As the reason for the attack remains unknown, the police has estimated that it may have simply been a random act of violence, a circumstance with which New Orleans is unfortunately all too familiar with. Furthermore the FBI has stated that they have no indication whatsoever that the shooting is an act of terrorism.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu stated he believed the shooting to be part of "the relentless drum beat of violence" on the streets of New Orleans, and has publicly recognized the need for reform. While some in his city have identified the parade as a potential hunting ground for criminals seeking to do harm on their targets, Landrieu has been a vocal opponent of cancelling the parade in future, stating it was "like calling for an end to Mardi Gras because someone takes an opportunity to shoot someone during one of our parades".

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