Police Stop U-Bahn Party

It should have been the first party in a Munich subway. A spontaneous meet up was organized through the Internet to start a party on Friday evening on a U-Bahn train, reports die Sueddeutsche Zeitung. 300 - 400 young people arrived at the Giselastraße U-Bahn station on Friday night. However the party apparently caused a lot of trouble and was stopped by the police.

A few party-goers played around with fire extinguishers and turned-off the ceiling fluorescent lights in the subway train. Two trains of the U6 line were forced to stand still; the estimated damage caused amounted to around 1000 euro. Scared passengers alerted the police. Finally, more than 100 police officers were called-out to deal with the participants of the illegal spontaneous U-Bahn party. Five young people were arrested at the scene.

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