Pensioner Fined for Fake Bomb Alert

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 30th Jun, 2010

Munich airport. A pensioner explained to airport security, that he cannot put his wallet in the basket because "there is a bomb inside". He was summoned to court and fined.

The 64 year old wanted to take a vacation trip together with 4 friends on the 29th of January. The security measurements at the airport irritated him while airport security were on edge. Nine days previously the so called "Laptop bomber" escaped and discussions about it continue still. The Federal Police set security instructions to the highest - and the pensioner made his joke at the wrong time. He said he could not take his wallet out of his pocket and put it in the basked because "there is a bomb inside". After a warning from the controllers that jokes like that are inappropriate, the 64 year old repeated the "threat". The module manager was called and Federal Police alerted. The pensioner had to take off his shoes and was observed until police found that his wallet would not need to be disarmed. The man was sentenced to a fine of over 1600 Euro.

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